Georgia’s Round Robin Doily 1998

Georgia Seitz did the inner round of this doily in January, 1998. The intervening rounds (each ending in white) were done by Miriam Gidron, Steph Peters, Etha “Maus” Schuette, and the finish was done by me.

The finished doily is too big for my flatbed scanner, so you’ll have to use your imagination for the full effect (or get Georgia’s book, Tatting with Friends, which has this doily on its cover):

  • Right half of the doily. Note that the center is asymmetrical.
  • Center of the doily.
  • Corner of the doily which I designed, using a butterfly from the Spring 1994 issue of Ring of Tatters, and some imagination.

This page originally created 12 December 1998

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