Color Choices Beanile Class IOLI 2019

Beanile Projects IOLI 2019
Beanile Class Projects IOLI 2019

Kits for Beanile Tatting at IOLI 2019 – $58 or $55 for all 4 projects

It’s time to choose the colors, threads and beads for the above class projects so I can make the kits for you! The difference in price depends on your choice of large bead in the bracelet set – freshwater pearls or oval glass. See below.

For each student buying project kits, I will make a single envelope with all of the single project kits for that student together with patterns and twisted wire beading needles. Students will pick up and pay for their envelope at Provencher Enterprises’ table before the first class.

For those who might like to string their own (must be done before class), I have included thread and bead amounts below.

Note for choices: For each project, I am assuming the thread and findings should be the same color. If you want them to differ, please specify.

1. Snowflake

Beanile Snowflake
Beanile Snowflake
Kits will be made to match the sample with size 20 thread in ecru and size 11/0 blue/purple iris single cut seed beads. No color choice needed.

Cotton thread: about 4 yards
Seed beads: 140 in a size suitable for the thread

2. Angel Earrings

Angel Earring Samples
Angel Earring Samples

15/0 seed beads: 360 needed.
Thread and findings: 3 yards DMC Fil Metalise’ or DMC Diamante and 2 ear hooks needed.


  • gold seed beads on gold thread
  • silver-lined clear on silver thread
  • 3. Bracelet and Earring Set

    Please specify your bead colors along with the thread/clasp/hook color of either gold or silver.

    FW Pearl Mauve
    Freshwater Pearl Mauve, silver thread and purple seed beads
    Large Glass Bead Choices
    Large Glass Bead Choices

    First photo has FW mauve and light purple seed beads on silver; the 2nd one has a finished bracelet in OG turquoise with clear dark blue green beads on gold along with strings of cream, eggplant and medium purple.

    4mm Freshwater pearls or oval glass beads: 25 needed
    (note: my oval glass are 6x4mm and we modify the pattern slightly)
    11/0 Seed beads: 270 needed
    Thread and findings: 6.5 yards DMC Fil Metalise or DMC Diamante, a clasp with jump rings and 2 ear hooks

    Large Bead Choices: Freshwater Pearl (FW) or Oval Glass (OG) in the colors below. Don’t forget to pick silver or gold for your thread/clasp color!

  • FW mauve (light pinky purple) with light purple silver lined seed beads
  • FW white with clear silver lined seed beads
  • OG turquoise with clear dark blue green seed beads
  • OG cream with cream opaque seed beads
  • OG eggplant with dark or light purple silver lined seed beads (state preference)
  • OG medium purple with dark or light purple silver lined seed beads (state preference)
  • 4. Pendant Pouch Necklace

    Please specify the bead and thread/clasp color.

    Pendant Pouch Samples
    Pendant Pouch Samples in Royal Blue and Dark Purple

    11/0 Seed beads: about 850 needed
    Thread and findings: 12 yards DMC Fil Metalise’ or DMC Diamante plus a clasp and jump rings or 2 lobster claws and jump rings

    Bead Choices:

  • Dark Purple silver lined
  • Royal Blue silver lined
  • Blue silver lined (kind of electric blue)
  • Green silver lined (Kelly green type)
  • Garnet/red silver lined (dark red)

  • We can talk about other colors for these as I do have a few others in my stash. However, I have found that light colors do not look as nice in this pouch (beading loses definition)

    If you know right away which clasp treatment you prefer (behind the neck or lobster claws to each side of the pouch), please specify. I’ll have both available in class.

    I’m looking forward to seeing you in July!