I have been tatting since the summer of 1982, when I taught herself the basics from a couple of general crafting books (back when there was no Internet!). After moving to the Seattle area a few years later, I joined the Lacemakers of Puget Sound, where I found mentors and instruction in more advanced techniques.

I have taught at several Shuttlebirds’ Tatting Workshops; three Palmetto Tat Days workshops, Finger Lakes Tatting Workshop, and Georgia Seitz’ Online Tatting class, as well as workshops in California, Oregon and British Columbia. My patterns have appeared in Tatting With Friends (Georgia Seitz, editor), the Bulletin of the IOLI, Canadian Lacemaker Gazette, and Lacemakers of Puget Sound and Heartland Lace Guild newsletters.

Please see my Teaching Schedule page for details on where and what I will be next teaching Cluny tatting or tatting with beads in the Beanile manner.