CD Cover #1, made for CD2000

by Mimi Dillman


  • Shuttles: 2, wound CTM, or needle and ball.
  • Thread: Original made from Anchor Cotton #40, ecru to show on a greenish CD. The sample here is in reverse video to save ink in your printer 🙂
  • Picot gauge: 1/4 inch (upright) was used in the sample
  • CD: you can attach to any that you don’t want to use again! If you do not want pure mirror surface, but instead want some color to back up a light thread, check the back of CD-R (music or data) or CD-RW. Particularly after recording, I’ve found they have some color.
  • Optional: CD2000 Project and check their pattern page for their recommended method for sewing the lace to the CD.

Techniques used:


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