Bookmark – “Dianna”

by Mimi Dillman
I created this bookmark for an exchange in the winter of 1998 arranged on the mailing list called Tat_Chat.

A brief pattern is below. 3 shuttles are required, as is the knowledge of how to make split rings, cluny leaves, and adding in/taking out an extra shuttle.

If you haven’t tried adding in an extra shuttle before, give it a try! It’s actually not that difficult if you are already able to tat over the tails of your threads.

Working order:

Work Rings A-L.

At ring M, add in a shuttle on the unturned side (tat over its tail so you don’t have to sew it later), and use it and the working shuttle (leaving the ring shuttle hanging) to work Leaves and Chains.

Work leaf a. Before working leaf b, leave a small loop in one thread that will function as a picot into which you will join subsequent leaves.

Work leaf b, then join to the middle picot of the 2nd half of ring L.

Work chain c, then join to the middle picot of the 2nd half of ring J.

Work leaf d, then join to the loop left between leaves a and b.

Continue in this manner making the balance of leaves and chains d-l, and joining as indicated.

Finish Ring M (tatting over the 3rd shuttle’s thread so you don’t have to sew it in later), and continue on around the bookmark. For the bookmark above, I left 7 split rings length between the diamonds (in other words, I made 4 more split rings after ring P before I started into making the end of the next diamond starting with ring C).

Element sizes:

Rings E, H, and K: Shuttle 1: 4 ds, 5 p sep by 4 ds, 4 ds; Shuttle 2: 6 ds and close.

All rings except E, H, and K: Shuttle l: 4 ds, p, 4 ds, p, 4 ds ; Shuttle 2: 6 ds, p, 6 ds. Important: Make sure that the side with 6 ds, p, 6 ds is your unturned side of the split ring. Otherwise, you’ll have to reverse your work later in order that your shuttles come away from the ring properly to work the rosette of leaves (side benefit: it’s also easier to tat over tails on the unturned side of the ring).

Leaves: I did 12 wraps (under, over, under, return with over, under, over counts as one wrap)

Chains: 6 ds

This page created 1 June 1998

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