Round Robins of the Past

In the on line tatting community in the mid-1990’s, a popular activity was called “round robin tatting.” A group of tatters would decide on project parameters, and each would start a project and mail it and the thread (and pattern, if any) to the next on the list. Eventually a finished project made it back to the person who started it.

In 1996, I was in a group of 5 tatters who made 5 tatted Round Robin Doilies. Here are pictures and patterns for them all:

And here’s another doily belonging to Kara Sheil from an early round robin.

These last images are of a doily from a 1998 round robin with Georgia Seitz (she did the center of this one), Miriam Gidron, Steph Peters, Etha “Maus” Schuette, and me. It was quite an amazing feat on our parts if I do say so myself!

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